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Phone: (909) 622-8961

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Recycling, Pomona, CA

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    Greenway Recycling

    Recycling, Pomona, CA


    Greenway Solid Waste & Recycling is a leading provider of "Green-Friendly" solid waste collection, transfer, recycling and disposal service options to decrease the use of overburdened landfills.

    We operate in southern California and provide top quality services to commercial, industrial, defense industry contractors, and residential customers. Depending upon types of metal, e-waste and quantity, FREE pick up services may apply!

    • All types of Metal Removal
    • All types of E-Waste
    • Stainless Steel Demo
    • Solar Panel Removal

    Competitive, reasonable and up-front pricing for:

    • Solid Waste,
    • Non-recyclables
    • Construction Debris Clean-up
    • Junk Removal
    • Specializing in Removal of Commercial Air Conditioning from AC Contractors
    • Hazardous Material
    • Asbestos Abatement
    • Underground Tank Removal

    Our foundation is built upon decades of hands-on experience. Our founder worked his way through the ranks of a family construction business, learning both the office dynamics and the operational side.

    Always one for change, environmental management and hazardous material training evolved out of the construction business. Combining those talents, waste management and recycling became a natural fit.

    Greenway is a minority owned, SBA Hubzone approved, company that continues to serve a host of clients including: hospitals, universities, churches, schools, senior living facilities, rehabilitation facilities, property management, industrial and commercial businesses and government defense contractors.

    We are committed to prompt, honest and dependable service. Since our beginnings, we have operated with the belief that our clients are responsible for keeping us in business. We are serving at Pomona, CA.

    We also offer:

    Recycling Centers, Metal Recycling, Waste Management, Electronics Recycling, Trash Removal, Plastic Recycling, Computer Recycling

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